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Huadian Hongyuan (Beijing) Electronic Technology involves in the manufacture of Inverter Power Supply, DC Power Supply, Monitoring System. The company has a strong and stable R & D team, which has several professional designers, and have many years of practical work experience and participate in the design of a number of large and medium-sized classic projects many times. Continuous training and learning can always grasp the latest technical achievements in the industry, maintain the technical content of products. The company attaches great importance to product quality, and summed up a set of effective working methods in the work. Strive to raise quality management to a new level through a series of rules and regulations. Owning to the superior quality and reasonable price, our products have met with a warm reception and quick sale in most country. Let’s express our warm welcome to all the friends and my best wishes to our cooperation and mutual development.





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  • Combining the line topology and the information and data uploaded by the fault detection terminal on each line, it realizes the main functions of fault alarm, fault early warning and fault location, and can also be used as a front-end system to access the distribution automation or deployment integrated platform.

  • Precision Column Head Cabinet for transmission equipment (hereinafter referred to as the power distribution cabinet) is a cabinet that specifically provides power distribution for transmission equipment, comprehensively monitors and collects energy data.

  • 48V Communication Power Supply System supply product-48V communication power system, input: 90~290Vac; output: 42~58Vdc; suitable for small program control switches, access networks, transmission equipment, mobile communications, satellite communications ground stations, microwave communications power supply.

  • According to user requirements, the UPS precision distribution cabinet size, power distribution circuit and other functions can be configured flexibly. Aiming at the application of network energy in industries such as telecommunications, IT and finance.

  • Intelligent precision AC purification regulated power supply is a high-performance new electronic AC power regulator equipment, is currently one of the international popular performance of the relatively superior AC voltage regulator varieties, is widely used in high-end electrical equipment power supply voltage regulator. The United States has applied purified power supply to military and aerospace needs high reliability and high stability AC power supply occasions.

  • Adjustable switching power supply is a non-standard customized power supply. Products are widely used in industrial automation control, military industry equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, aging equipment, industrial control equipment, communications equipment.

  • Power Inverter power supply is specially designed for substation and power plant. It is used for power telecontrol, communication, monitoring, accident lighting, etc., it can also provide uninterrupted power for AC lubricating pump, AC fan and water pump of power plant. The product models include: HD220-500VA, HD220-1000VA, HD220-2000VA, HD220-3000VA, HD220-4000VA, HD220-5000VA.

  • The function of electric vehicle charging pile is similar to the fuel dispenser in the gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall, installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential parking lots or charging stations, and can charge various types of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels.

  • The power environment monitoring system of machine room is based on the monitoring host of Huadian Hongyuan, which realizes intelligent perception, independent operation, digital map fusion and remote operation and maintenance.

  • For the main electrical primary equipment of substation, such as power transformer, circuit breaker, capacitive equipment and GIS, TEMS3000 substation equipment condition monitoring system realizes on-line condition monitoring, which provides basis for maintenance of substation equipment condition.

  • Through the collection, analysis and display of transmission line temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, leakage current, ice condition, video images and other digital information, combined with PMS, the TLMS3000 transmission line condition monitoring system realizes transmission line operation condition monitoring and equipment condition diagnosis evaluation.

  • Battery inspection instrument unit generally refersto the rapid test of lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride battery, polymer battery and other types of battery (group) instrument.