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48V Communication Power Supply System

48V Communication Power Supply System supply product-48V communication power system, input: 90~290Vac; output: 42~58Vdc; suitable for small program control switches, access networks, transmission equipment, mobile communications, satellite communications ground stations, microwave communications power supply.
Product Description


1. Product Introduction of 48V Communication Power Supply System


High-performance and high-reliability power supply product-48V communication power system, input: 90~290Vac; output: 42~58Vdc; suitable for small program control switches, access networks, transmission equipment, mobile communications, satellite communications ground stations, microwave communications power supply, It can also be used to power other communication equipment. Under normal circumstances, various parameters of the rectifier module and power distribution unit are controlled by the monitoring module, and work according to their predetermined parameters or user commands. If the mains fails, the system will be powered by the battery at this time. 


As the battery discharges, the battery terminal voltage begins to drop. When the battery voltage is lower than the 46V upper computer (settable) battery low-voltage alarm point, the monitoring module reports an alarm. Signal, directly close the load output, the whole machine does not work. When the external mains power is restored, the system returns to its normal working state (the above monitoring data is the default value of the system, and the user can reset it). If the working environment temperature is ≥55℃, the power supply system will need to reduce the power output.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of 48V Communication Power Supply System


System Configuration


The Template Configuration
System Model


Monitoring Module


Monitoring Module


Rectifier Module


Rectifier Module


Rectifier Module


Rectifier Module

1U-4860   1 1-2 Optional Optional Optional
2U-4890 1   1-2 Optional Optional Optional
3U-4890 1   1-3 Optional Optional Optional
3U-48150 1   1-5 Optional Optional Optional




The Power Distribution Branch
Power Distribution
System Model
Battery Shunt Secondary Power Off Branch Power Off the Shunt Once
1U-4860 One Output Terminal One output terminal No
2U-4890 Magnetic Switch 80A*1 Magnetic Switch 30A*2  10A*2 No
3U-4890 Air Switch 63A*2 Air Switch 63A*3  20A*2  16A*2  10A*2 No
3U-48150 Air Switch 63A*2 Air Switch 20A*2 Air Switch 63A*3


Common Performance Indicators For Embedded Systems

The input
Parameter The Minimum A Typical The Biggest Unit Annotation
Input Voltage Range 90 220 280 Vac  
Incoming Frequency 45 50 65 Hz  
Power Factor 0.98        


The Output
Parameter The Minimum A Typical The Biggest Unit Annotation
Output Voltage Range 42 53.5 58



Output Current Range 0   30 A 176~280VAC
0   15 A 90~175VAC
Ripple (Peak-to-Peak Value)     200 mv  
Delivery Efficiency ≥91     % 220 Vac Input
≥87     % 110 Vac Input
Voltage Regulation Accuracy     ≤士1 %  
Load Regulation     ≤士1 %  
Source Regulation     ≤士1 %  


Insulation Class
Parameter The Minimum Annotation
Input-Output 3000Vdc /10mA/ / lmin  
Input - Housing 2500vdc /10mA/ / lmin  
Output - Housing 70ovdc /10mA/ / 1min  
Insulation Resistance Under normal atmospheric pressure, relative humidity is 90%, the test voltage is dc 50OV, the power input to output, input to ground, output to ground insulation resistance is not less than 10Mo, leakage current <3.5mA


The environment
Parameter The Minimum A Typical The Biggest Unit Annotation
Working Temperature - 25   55 °C When ≥55°C, the power output needs to be reduced
Storage Temperature - 40   80 °C  
Humidity 10   90 % Relative Humidity, No Solidification
The Atmospheric Pressure 70   106 KPA  
The Altitude 0   3000 M  
Cooling Way Fan Forced Cooling


Protection Function
Project Unit With/Without The minimum value Typical Values The Maximum Recovery Features
Input Overvoltage Alarm Vac with 285 295 305 Recovery Difference of 10v 5V
Input Undervoltage Alarm Vac With 85 90 95
Input Overvoltage Protection Vac With 300   315 Self - recovery, Return Range of 10 v 5V
Input Undervoltage Protection Vac With 75   85
Output Overvoltage Alarm v With 58   59 Return to lV Difference
Output Undervoltage Alarm v With 46.5 47 47.5 The Recovery Difference is 1V
Output Overvoltage Protection v With 59   60 Non-self-recovery
Battery Power-off Protection v With 42.5 43 43.5 The Recovery Difference is 2.5-3V
Ambient High Temperature Alarm With 45 50 55 Recovery Difference 3 ° C
Ambient Low Temperature Alarm With -15 -10 -5
Short-circuit Protection A With Long-term short circuit; If the module output is still short-circuited after 5min of hiccup, it will be shut down



Embedded System With Different Performance Indicators


Input and Output
System Model
Ac Input Current (Max.) Dc Output Current
170~290VAC 151~175VAC 90~150VAC
1U-4860 20A 60A 33A 22A
2U-4890 29.7A 90A 50A 33A
3U-4890 29.7A 90A 50A 33A
3U-48150 49.5A 150A 83A 55A


Mechanical Properties
System Model
System Weight (KG) System Uutline Ruler and Installation Size (mm)
Containing the Module No Module W D H A B C
1U-4860 ≤5 ≤3 482.6 253 43.6 465 31.8 442
2U-4890 ≤11 ≤5.2 482.6 255 88.1 465 76.2 436
3U-4890 ≤12 ≤5.2 482.6 255 129 465 57.2 440
3U-48150 ≤16 ≤5.3 482.6 255 129 465 57.2 436


3. Product Feature And Application of 48V Communication Power Supply System


1) The rectifier module adopts active power factor compensation technology, and the power factor value reaches 0.99.

2) The normal working range of AC input voltage is wide to 90~290V.

3) The rectifier module adopts full-bridge soft-switching technology, and the efficiency is up to 92% or more.

4) Perfect battery management. There are load power-off and battery low-voltage protection (LVLD+LVBD) and secondary power-off functions, which can realize functions such as temperature compensation, automatic equalization and floating charge control, automatic voltage regulation, battery capacity calculation, and online battery testing.

5) The rectifier module adopts non-destructive hot-swappable technology, plug and play, and the replacement time is less than 1min.

6) Networked design, providing multiple communication interfaces (such as RS485, dry contacts), flexible networking, real-limited local and remote monitoring, unattended.

7) Perfect AC and DC side lightning protection design, suitable for thunderstorm areas.

8) Complete fault protection and fault alarm functions.

9) The operation and maintenance of the full front can be installed against the wall, effectively saving space.

10) Ultra-low radiation. Using advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, the rectifier module can meet the "Communication Power Equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility Limits and Measurement Methods" (People's Republic of China Communication Industry Standard YD/T983)


Small Program Control Exchange
Access Network
transmission device
Mobile communication
Satellite communication ground station

Microwave communication power supply


4. Product Details of 48V Communication Power Supply System



5. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of The 48V Communication Power Supply System


Depending on the size of the order and the shipping distance (The usual delivery time is 1 month), and the warranty is 1 year. Besides, the terms of transaction are FOB full payment.


6. Product Qualification of The 48V Communication Power Supply System




7. FAQ


Q: What's your lead time?

A: Generally, the whole production cycle from raw material to finished product takes 15-30 days, but we can ship within 7 days and we can change according to quantity or other conditions as we have raw material stock semi-finished products.


Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are the original manufacturer, so we have the advantage of price.


Q: How long is the product life?

A: Our products are maintenance-free and sealed, using advanced technology, long service life, no problems in normal use.


Q: How to use the products?

A: Easy to use, please follow the instructions.


Q: Are your products' parameters real?

A: All our parameters are real, maximum quantity, competitive price and long life cycle.  


Q: Do you have any OEM service?

A: If you purchase a certain quantity, we can also print your logo on the battery case.  


Q: What is your MOQ?

A: The minimum order quantity is measured according to the product you order.


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: The payment shall be communicated in advance, and the contract shall be drawn up according to the time limit stipulated in the contract.


Q: What is your product standardization?

A: First according to The Chinese standard, then according to the international export standard.


Q: How long will it take you to provide us with the design?

A: Depending on your design requirements, it depends on how difficult it is.

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