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AC/DC Intelligent Power Supply

AC/DC Intelligent Power Supply solves the problem of poor maintenance of UPS battery and communication battery: reduce the number of battery groups, cancel the relevant battery room, simplify the infrastructure design, and solve the problems of UPS battery and communication battery.
Product Description


1. Product Introduction of The AC/DC Intelligent Power Supply


System Structure:
·Primary part: including AC, DC, inverter and communication power supply.
·Communication architecture.


· It solves the problem of poor maintenance of UPS battery and communication battery: Reduce the number of battery groups, The relevant battery room can be cancelled, simplify the infrastructure design. At the same time, the UPS battery and communication battery daily maintenance and management problems are solved;


· It solves the problem that the station power supply must be designed and handled uniformly: This section describes how to prevent the reverse current of the inverter from affecting the average current of the charging module.


· The management problems of station power supply divided into several disciplines are solved: To facilitate maintenance, accident analysis and reducing equipment maintenance and operation cost.


2. Product Feature And Application of The AC/DC Intelligent Power Supply


Product Application:

· Digital substation and intelligent substation;
· Ordinary 10kV ~ 1000kV requiring high degree of automation.


System Features:


Two major measures to realize digital transmission of upstream transmission information: 

There is no secondary wiring outside the module, no cross-screen secondary cable between screens, and only communication outside.


(1) All switches intelligent modular: Switches, sensors and intelligent circuit integrated in a chassis, acquisition, switching input, switching output, control and other secondary line in the chassis to solve.


(2) Concentrated function diversification: DC insulation detection is divided into "bus bar insulation detection" + "feeder insulation detection", "bus insulation detection", Just use the bus voltage as the power supply of the device, "feeder insulation detection" spread the feeder module monitoring leakage current, and through the communication to upload data to the integration module, make a comprehensive analysis; Distributed battery inspection: Each battery layer is equipped with a collection module. Each collection module uploads data and analyzes data through the communication bus.


Open Systems:

The system uses Ethernet and IEC61850 protocol to communicate with the upper computer.


Feeder Intelligent Monitoring Or Monitoring:

Because all switches are intelligent and modular, the traditional design of weak feeder intelligent monitoring or monitoring has been completely changed.


Tasks Can Be Executed Programmatically




After the establishment of all switch intelligent monitoring hardware platform, information sharing software platform, the subsystem linkage task programming solidified in the integrated software platform, once the conditions are activated: Station power switch in addition to traditional manual control, remote control, protection control, and it can be programmed according to the predetermined program.


3. Product Details of The AC/DC Intelligent Power Supply




4.  Product Qualification of The AC/DC Intelligent Power Supply




5. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of The AC/DC Intelligent Power Supply


Depending on the size of the order and the shipping distance (The usual delivery time is 1 month), and the warranty is 1 year. Besides, the terms of transaction are FOB full payment.


6. FAQ


Q: What's your lead time?

A: Generally, the whole production cycle from raw material to finished product takes 15-30 days, but we can ship within 7 days and we can change according to quantity or other conditions as we have raw material stock semi-finished products.


Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are the original manufacturer, so we have the advantage of price.


Q: How long is the product life?

A: Our products are maintenance-free and sealed, using advanced technology, long service life, no problems in normal use.


Q: How to use the products?

A: Easy to use, please follow the instructions.


Q: Are your products' parameters real?

A: All our parameters are real, maximum quantity, competitive price and long life cycle.  


Q: Do you have any OEM service?

A: If you purchase a certain quantity, we can also print your logo on the battery case.  


Q: What is your MOQ?

A: The minimum order quantity is measured according to the product you order.


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: The payment shall be communicated in advance, and the contract shall be drawn up according to the time limit stipulated in the contract.


Q: What is your product standardization?

A: First according to The Chinese standard, then according to the international export standard.


Q: How long will it take you to provide us with the design?


A: Depending on your design requirements, it depends on how difficult it is.


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