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The Applications of The Precision Air Conditioners For Computer Rooms



Computer room precision air conditioner is also a kind of air conditioner product, although its basic structure and refrigeration principle are similar to common air conditioners. But in many respects, there are stricter standards to meet the harsh conditions of use. So which industries can special air conditioners for computer rooms be used in? Next, I will give you a brief introduction.


First of all, of course, the familiar Internet companies, large websites need to have large computer rooms to set up servers. The heat generated by these servers can be much higher than that of the computers that play games at home, so they need to rely on the assistance of air conditioners to maintain a good operating environment. In addition, there are many industries closely related to ordinary people that need to use this professional air conditioner. For example, in many high-standard laboratories, various sophisticated instruments are used. These instruments are extremely sensitive to the external environment, and even the slightest vibration will affect the accuracy. The temperature change will also affect the accuracy of the internal components due to thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, it is necessary to use the air conditioner to keep the indoor space at a constant temperature and humidity.


In addition, in the medical industry, constant temperature and humidity air conditioners are also used to adjust and maintain the indoor environment. Especially in large hospitals, professional testing equipment will be used. These instruments are generally expensive and require sufficient interference from the external environment when working. In contrast, installing a professional air conditioner is a very low-cost investment, but it can effectively prolong the service life of the testing instrument. It can also fully guarantee that each test result is reliable. Without reducing the accuracy due to the influence of temperature. Or the error is caused by the influence of humidity and air cleanliness.