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The Reasons For The Freezing Of The Special Air Conditioner In The Computer Room


Why does the special air conditioner for the computer room freeze? What are the reasons?


All kinds of problems will occur in the use of any equipment, and these problems have nothing to do with the quality of the brand or the purchase price. Generally speaking, if you choose a relatively sophisticated product like a constant temperature and humidity air conditioner, if you choose a better brand, it is not easy to have problems at the beginning. Generally, there will be some small problems after two or three years of use. Among these problems, the common problem is the freezing problem. What is the reason for the icing problem?



1. Refrigerant reasons

Because the precision air conditioner in the computer room has been used for a long time, the common freezing problems come from the refrigerant. The reduction in refrigerant can cause the evaporating pressure to be too low, which can cause ice to form at the location of the evaporator. Such faults can be eliminated from the aspects of leakage, leakage and deficiency. In addition, excess refrigerant can also cause icing when air conditioning service refills, and is common around the compressor return line. In such cases, it is necessary to let off the excess refrigerant.


2. Compressor reasons

 After the efficiency of the compressor is reduced due to the use of time, it is easy to cause low pressure freezing. The location of this type of icing is consistent with the icing location where too much refrigerant is added, so it is necessary to rule out whether it is the cause of the refrigerant. If the refrigerant is not the cause, then the compressor needs to be replaced.


3. Heat exchanger / evaporator reasons

After the heat exchanger / evaporator has been used for a period of time, the dust and microorganisms in the air will remain on the two devices. Once the fouling is formed, it is easy to block the air circulation, causing the problem of reduced heat exchange, which leads to freezing. Therefore, it is necessary to check and maintain these two devices regularly. After finding the dirt, deal with it in time. Use a soft brush to clean along the texture to remove excess dirt.