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Common Faults And Solutions For Precision Air Conditioning Repair Of Machine Rooms

Common faults and solutions for maintenance! A computer room pays most attention to reliability. It is necessary to operate without faults in 8760 hours throughout the year. Usually, the computer room is mostly N+1 backup. If there is a problem with a air conditioner, other air conditioners can immediately receive the entire system. The current most famous products are: CAROSS Carlos computer room air conditioner, Emerson room air conditioner, Renault machine room air conditioner, etc. are currently the top products.
After the testing of the dedicated constant temperature and humidity of the data center machine room, the nitrogen in the system is released. Connect the exhaust valve with a double consecutive pressure gauge, and open the vacuum pump and gas -absorbing valve to draw vacuum. It is not less than 90min at all until the system is unlimited close to 760mmHg.
After the precision air conditioner of the computer room is finished, the static is directly written from the exhaust valve (high -voltage end) to the fluorine liquid. Investigate the low voltage meter so as to rise to 6-7kg/CRA2, close the exhaust valve, and make up for the fluoron gas from the inhalation valve (low -voltage end) until it is suspended when the visual liquid lens bubbles are just eliminated. At this time, the low -voltage indicator of the dual consecutive table should be 0.4 ~ 0.5MPa, and the instructions of the high pressure table should be 1.5 to 1.8MPa.
If the special constant temperature constant temperature and humidity of the computer room is high pressure and low pressure, and low pressure is low, it is pipeline blocking. There are significant temperature differences and even frost before and after the pipeline. The local and disposal methods that may be blocked are as follows:
1). The local area is located at the solenoid valve above the liquid lens. The primary judging whether the precision air -conditioning compressor of the computer room is open to the solenoid valve when the precision air conditioner compressor is opened. The method of viewing is: unload the screws at the top of the solenoid valve, measure whether there are 24V corresponding plugs in the wiring column. If not, it is the control line problem, and the solenoid valve is damaged. The solenoid valve needs to be replaced.
2). Precision air conditioners for computer rooms are blocking local dull filters. Calcked air -conditioning power supply (at this moment the refrigeration solenoid valve is closed), the three -way valve stems of the storage tank are rotated in the direction of the valve stem at the direction of the valve stem (the valve stems enter). Narut, replace the boring filter.
3). Precision air -conditioning pipelines for computer rooms, especially pipe welding, welded welding. There is a temperature difference before and after the welding area, and the pressure before and after the pipeline is very large. At this moment, the welded pipe is needed from the beginning, and the vacuum is pulled from the beginning.
Under the premise of the above three situations, it can be judged to be a dedicated constant temperature and humidity refined air -conditioning expansion valve for the computer room. Repair:
1). Precision air -conditioning ice blocked by the dedicated computer room. Apply it with a hot towel, then the low -pressure pressure rises. It needs to be placed with fluoride, and the vacuum is pumped from the head.
2). The precision air conditioner of the computer room is dirty, and the expansion valve needs to be replaced.
3). The maintenance of the maintenance device does not work. Repair and replace low pressure pressure controller.
4). Low -voltage delay relay settings are incorrect or low -voltage launch delay is too short. Set at a low pressure delay for a special constant temperature constant temperature and humidity refined air conditioner for the head room.
1). The low pressure maintenance setting value of constant temperature and humidity refined air conditioner is incorrect. The correct low -voltage maintenance setting value should be set at about 2Bar. If the setting value is not correct, a low -pressure alarm occurs.
2). The amount of precision air conditioning of the computer room is not good. When the temperature is low in winter, similar situations may occur. If the reason is indeed a fluoride, it should make up for the system to make up for Fluoline refrigerant.
3). Precision air -conditioning air -conditioning air filter is too dirty. The filter is too dirty and not replaced in a timely manner, and it is prone to low -pressure reports. When replacing, pay attention to stacking according to the arrow instructions, and you cannot reload it.
4). Precision air -conditioning expansion valve in the computer room. The heat or opening of the thermal expansion valve is small, resulting in a deficiency of liquid supply; a low -pressure alarm is formed. The openness of the thermal expansion valve should be increased or the expansion valve should be replaced.
5). There are leaks in the precision air conditioning system for computer rooms. Use nitrogen to test the leakage, and the inflatable pressure should be ≥1.4MPa. And it is necessary to allow nitrogen from the height and low voltage of the system until the balance stops. After the system is filled with nitrogen, there should be no leakage within a 24H pressure maintenance. For example, the temperature changes in the 24H, because the heat expansion and contraction of the gas, the pressure will change small, it should be normal; if the pressure changes the value overrouts, then the leakage point should be checked.
(1) Connecting nuts with the precision air -conditioning compressor of the computer room for the computer room;
(2) One -way valve connected to the outdoor unit;
(3) Connect of the outdoor machine and pressure switch;
(4) One -way valve on the storage tank;


(5) Pipelines and tray pipes.