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Emerson High Performance Frequency Converter Helps Industrial Energy Saving


Since the introduction of the 12th Five Year Plan, energy conservation and emission reduction has become an important obligation in the development of all walks of life. In the industrial field, energy conservation means include structural energy conservation, skill energy conservation and management energy conservation. Skill energy conservation refers to the adoption of new processes, new equipment, new skills and comprehensive application to improve energy utilization. As an electronic speed regulation equipment with high automation level, frequency converter can not only improve the process, extend the service life of equipment and improve production efficiency, but also highlight the energy-saving effect of frequency conversion skills.


According to relevant people, the inverter business occupies an important position in the group business development, which is also one of the factors that the company has been increasing the investment in the R & D of inverter technology products. The business plan of frequency converter has always been based on the perspective of sponsoring customers to deal with practical achievements and lose energy-saving benefits.


However, people in the industry also show that the frequency converter system is a high-tech product with high skill content, involving various application skills, and has high requirements for R & D, production and industrial design. For example, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is the central component of frequency converter. At the beginning, the domestic IGBT market was still controlled by some foreign-funded enterprises with leading technical advantages. In addition, frequency conversion soft start belongs to the high-end application field of medium voltage frequency converter, which has strong particularity. Only manufacturers with strong technical strength can meet the needs.


Industry insiders pointed out that the primary purpose of frequency converter is speed control. With the development of technology and the increasing progress of society's demand for energy efficiency, it has gradually been used in the field of energy conservation. Its energy saving is mainly used in places where it is necessary to change the speed of the exchange motor and change the characteristics of the driving machine to meet the production process requirements. It is mostly used in fans and water pumps. The power saving rate of motor system using frequency converter is widely up to about 30%, and it can reach 40% ~ 50% in some high places. The consequences of energy saving are obvious. It can be said that frequency converter has become the development trend of motor energy saving, and its market potential is very great.


At the beginning, among the frequency converter manufacturers that have established a wide brand awareness in the industrial automation market, Emerson Network energy successfully established an advantage in the frequency converter market based on profound power electronics R & D lessons and skills, and its brand influence and product application scope are expanding day by day.


Under the promotion of the new industrialization development strategy, the equipment transformation and industrial upgrading in domestic iron and steel, manufacturing, textile, electric power and other industrial fields were carried out unilaterally. At the same time, based on the intensification of market competition, energy conservation and consumption reduction has become one of the important means to reduce production cost and improve product competitiveness.



There is no doubt that the R & D investment required by the market is in exchange for fruitful results. With the temporary accumulation of skills and painstaking research and development, we have been perfecting the inverter product series and continuously launching highly competitive high-end products.