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Wanjiazhai Hydropower Station Communication Power System Renewal Project


The Wanjiazhai Water Conservancy Project is located in the canyon of the Tuoketuo-Longkou river section, the main stream of the Yellow River. The left bank belongs to Pianguan County, Shanxi Province. The right bank belongs to the Zhungeer Banner of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The total storage capacity of the reservoir is 896 million cubic meters, the adjustment storage capacity is 445 million cubic meters, the annual water volume of the hub is 1.4 billion cubic meters, and the ground powerhouse behind the dam. There are 6 installed power plants with a total installed capacity of 1080MW and an annual designed power generation of 2.75 billion kw/h.


The Contract Scope of This Project Includes:

(1) The main product supply is 2 sets of intelligent high-frequency switching power supply panels, 4 sets of battery packs, 2 sets of DC power distribution panels, 2 sets of UPS uninterruptible power supply systems, and 1 set of power storage pool online monitoring system, 1 set of AC power distribution cabinet, 3 workstations, 1 AC static switching device, power cord, etc.
(2) Installation and debugging of supply equipment, mainly including: Equipment installation, debugging, business cut over and technical training of communication power system.
(3) The original communication power system equipment was removed, including: 2 sets of intelligent switching power supply panels, 2 sets of AC and DC power distribution panels, 2 sets of inverters, and 2 sets of battery online monitoring system and 4 battery packs.
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