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Petroleum And Petrochemical Industry Solutions



Petrochemical refers to the entire processing industry that uses petroleum and natural gas as raw materials to produce petroleum products and chemical products. It is one of the pillar industries in my country, including the extraction of crude oil and natural gas and the sales of oil products. The petroleum and petrochemical industry can usually be divided into: petroleum extraction, petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical products and fertilizer industries.


"Petroleum extraction" refers to the process of extracting crude oil and natural gas from the ground and separating the crude oil and natural gas. "Petroleum refining" refers to the process of processing crude oil into gasoline, diesel, kerosene, naphtha, heavy oil and other oil products. "Petrochemical" refers to the process of processing petroleum products and petrochemical intermediates into petrochemical intermediates. And "chemical products" refers to the process of processing petrochemical intermediates into products. The "fertilizer industry" refers to the process of synthesizing petroleum products into fertilizers. Each process has its own functions and characteristics.


Industry Trends
● Continuity of equipment operation to avoid failures in the production process
● The growing demand for petrochemicals in the region has strict requirements on the progress of project construction
● To cope with the ever-increasing competition in the industry, companies need to continuously optimize costs
● Chinese petroleum and petrochemical companies play a more important role in the global petroleum and petrochemical market
● Rising costs of raw materials, equipment and labor, leading to intense competition for resources and technical personnel
Huadian Hongyuan EPS emergency power system solutions have played an important role in key construction projects such as PetroChina, Sinopec, and Coal Chemical, and have made significant contributions to production, energy conservation and consumption reduction.
In nearly 100 large-scale projects including one million tons of ethylene, ten million tons of oil refining, and coal-to-liquids, coal-to-gas, coal-to-olefins, methanol, ethylene glycol and other large-scale projects, in order to solve the problems of catalysis, cracking, hydrogenation, atmospheric and vacuum , Air separation and air pressure, accident oil pump, lubricating oil pump, medium pressure boiler water circulation pump, burner cooling water pump, chilling water pump, seal flushing water pump, accident cooling water pump, air compressor accident oil pump, nitrogen compressor accident oil pump and other power loads Electricity problems provide a strong guarantee. In particular, what is widely praised by customers is that the leading technology of power source anti-shake power system solutions and lithium battery mobile emergency power supply technology have filled the technical gap of market demand. Make it more convenient and reliable for users to apply to high-quality products with strong technology.
Program Features
● 3ms static switch fast-cut technology mains failure lamps without flicker
● N+1 charging redundancy technology improves the reliable service life of the battery
● Independent CPU processor of each control unit to ensure operation reliability
● Seamless tracking inverter resists strong inrush current, the motor does not lose rotation after power failure
● The anti-shake power supply ensures that the equipment materials are not damaged when the shaking point occurs
● The direct service network all over the country provides high-quality services in a timely manner


● The mobile lithium battery emergency power supply solves the valve closing problem in the irrigation area