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​The Needs Of Customers

· Solve the lighting problem of tall space -- high-pressure sodium lamp and metal lamp will go out when the power is switched. It is difficult to guarantee a stable job.



· In case of power failure, all the sodium lamps in the tunnel will be extinguished, which will cause serious hidden danger to traffic safety and affect the smooth traffic.

· Solve their emergency power supply problem for the fans at the entrance of the cave.
· The monitor cannot work normally when the local electricity is used due to the large frequency fluctuation of the local electricity. An online UPS is not enough.

· Unable to solve the fire emergency in the harsh environment such as dust, temperature and acidity.


The Solution
· Dual power switching device scheme.
This scheme is double power supply, each power supply with 1/2 load, when one of the power failure, 1/2 load lighting can be guaranteed, at this time the power failure of another
After a few seconds, half of the load is switched to the normal power supply by the double power supply switching device. After 10 ~ 15min, this part of the lamp is re-lit for illumination.


· High speed conversion static switching technology.

Advanced DSP control technology and high speed thyristor static switch can ensure the high pressure sodium lamp, mercury lamp and other metal lamp will not go out. The high speed DSP.
The static switch composed of control technology and high speed SCR can ensure the switching time is less than 2.5ms. The principle of storage can ensure the high pressure sodium lamp and metal lamp.
In the mains and inverter switching does not go out.
· Use special power supply for HID lamp.
When the mains is normal, the efficiency of HEPS can reach 99%. When the mains fails, HEPS will transfer the load to the inverter, and the battery will supply power to the load after the inverter, and the inverter efficiency is achieved.

The rate can reach more than 90%. In the whole conversion process, HEPS can ensure the continuity of voltage and current at both ends of HID lamp source, so as to ensure the continuous lighting of HID lamp.


Customer Returns
· Minimum 20% energy saving, greatly improving service life and reliability.
· Enhance the social image of customers, and promote both the social and economic benefits of green environmental protection.
· Strong technical strength and strong talent team will be the first time to respond to meet customers' various non-standard requirements for products.
· Perfect after-collection service platform. Our company has 30 offices across the country. A nationwide sales network. To ensure prompt and thoughtful sales and service.


· The sales management platform consists of three levels: Office, business division and sales center. Able to respond quickly, coordinate resources, serve large platforms and support customers.