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Power Grid Case Show

Typical Case:
Ali and Tibet-China Power Grid Networking Project 500KV System Communication Project

The national key project, the Ali Electricity Interconnection Project, is fully connected in Shigatse City and Ali area. This is the UHV power transmission and transformation project with the highest altitude and the longest distance in the world so far. It is the 4th "Power Sky Road" following the Qinghai-Tibet Electric Power Networking, Sichuan-Tibet Electricity Networking, and Tibet-China Electricity Networking projects.


After the completion of the project, the problem of isolated grid operation of Ali grid and long-term power shortage in Ali area will be completely solved. The remaining 7 counties of Zhongba, Saga, Jilong, Nyalam, Pulan, Gaize and Coqin in Tibet will be connected to large-scale grid electricity, and the safe and reliable electricity consumption of 380,000 farmers and herdsmen in 16 counties along the project will be solved and improved. Therefore, promoting the development and delivery of clean energy in Tibet is of great significance to speeding up the economic and social development of Tibet, improving people's living standards, and truly realizing the connection between circuits, people's hearts, and prosperity.
This project is to provide DC-48V, 500A, 1000A complete set of communication power supply equipment to provide a stable and reliable power guarantee for Tibet.
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