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CM Series Precision Air Conditioner 5.5~17kw

CM series precision air conditioner 5.5~17kw is a high-performance precision air conditioner specially designed for small computer room, communication base station, substation and other environmental requirements, combined with many advantages of air conditioning products in today's computer room.
Product Description


1. Product Introduction of The CM Series Precision Air Conditioner 5.5~17kw


CM series precision air conditioner 5.5~17kw is a high-performance precision air conditioner specially designed for small computer room, communication base station, substation and other environmental requirements, combined with many advantages of air conditioning products in today's computer room. The unit adopts large air volume, small enthalpy difference, constant temperature and humidity, 365 days *24 hours 24-hour continuous operation design, with high efficiency, energy saving, stability, long life and so on.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of The CM Series Precision Air Conditioner 5.5~17kw


Technical Specifications






Refrigerating Capacity





Blowing Rate





Type of Cooling

Forced Air Cooling

Operating Voltage Range



Number of Fans (sets)


Compressor Quantity (sets)


Electricity and Heat














3. Product Feature And Application of The CM Series Precision Air Conditioner 5.5~17kw


Product Features:

High Efficiency and Energy Saving:

The design of large air volume and small enthalpy difference is suitable for the heat dissipation characteristics of the main equipment in the machine room, and provides continuous and stable temperature and humidity environment for the main equipment.


Adopt high energy efficiency scroll compressor, with low vibration, low noise, high reliability, configurable, unique economic operation mode, can choose the economic mode operation.


Large area internal thread tube evaporator, with higher heat transfer efficiency than traditional coil tube.


High efficiency and high reliability centrifugal fan, with large air volume, distant air supply road, direct transmission, convenient maintenance.


The intelligent controller adopts the design of large LCD additional function keys to avoid damage to the controller caused by human static electricity.


Nylon filter net with primary effect, with large ventilation, low resistance, strong dustproof performance, long service life, can be repeatedly cleaned and used.


Rapid dehumidification design: Aluminum alloy fin, fast temperature rise, over temperature protection, ensure dehumidification accuracy, reduce reheat power consumption.


The external balanced thermal expansion valve is adopted to take temperature and pressure signals at the same time and accurately adjust the refrigerant flow rate.


Adopting far infrared humidification system, instant humidification can be realized under any water quality condition, with greater humidification capacity and higher efficiency.


Outdoor fan adopts stepless full speed control to ensure healthier operation, more energy saving and lower noise.


Perfect Control and Setting Function:

Intelligent and stable constant temperature and humidity function.


The controller adopts advanced fuzzy logic PID self-tuning technology.


All Chinese large screen display, with multi-level password protection, can effectively prevent illegal operation.


Operating time of major components and operating status of equipment can be accurately understood through menu operation. The expert-level fault diagnosis system can automatically display the current fault content, which is convenient for maintenance personnel.


It has the function of self-start when the call comes, and can set the delayed start time.


Can store up to 200 historical alarm records for reference, with telemetry, remote communication, remote control three remote functions, real-time control and point-to-point control.


Equipped with standard RS485 monitoring interface and adopted the standard communication protocol of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


The percentage of outdoor unit input voltage and pipeline pressure information can be read directly on the display screen of the indoor unit for more comprehensive monitoring.


Air flow loss detection and alarm function: it can detect the information of abnormal air volume reduction caused by fan failure, filter blockage and other reasons.


Flexible switching function of master and standby units, realizing automatic switching and rotating functions of units.


Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Strong Adaptability:

Small footprint, 100% full frontal maintenance, customized design according to special needs.


Ultra wide input voltage range, with a variety of power protection functions.


Optional power supply lightning arrester to provide more reliable security assurance, optional water leakage detector, with water leakage alarm and machine linkage functions.


Provide ultra-far installation distance and ultra-high drop scheme to ensure normal start-up operation of the unit.


Integrated disassembly fan, heating and humidification system, high reliability, long service life, easy maintenance.


Long life design based on continuous operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, high stability and low maintenance.


Strong environmental adaptability: The standard configuration of condenser can meet the outdoor temperature environment of -15℃ ~ + 45℃. Within this range, the unit can guarantee continuous refrigeration, and the heating state is not limited by outdoor temperature.


It can provide the condenser configuration to meet the lower outdoor temperature environment. The low-temperature condenser can meet the outdoor temperature environment of -34℃+ 45℃ to ensure the refrigeration requirements of the machine room in winter in the northern region.



Mobile base station and control center, outdoor machine room, microwave and satellite ground station, paging machine room, SHORT message processing center, network management center, minicomputer room.


4. Product Details of The CM Series Precision Air Conditioner 5.5~17kw



5. Product Qualification of The CM Series Precision Air Conditioner 5.5~17kw



6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of The CM Series Precision Air Conditioner 5.5~17kw


Depending on the size of the order and the shipping distance (The usual delivery time is 1 month), and the warranty is 1 year. Besides, the terms of transaction are FOB full payment.


7. FAQ


Q: What's your lead time?

A: Generally, the whole production cycle from raw material to finished product takes 15-30 days, but we can ship within 7 days and we can change according to quantity or other conditions as we have raw material stock semi-finished products.


Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are the original manufacturer, so we have the advantage of price.


Q: How long is the product life?

A: Our products are maintenance-free and sealed, using advanced technology, long service life, no problems in normal use.


Q: How to use the products?

A: Easy to use, please follow the instructions.


Q: Are your products' parameters real?

A: All our parameters are real, maximum quantity, competitive price and long life cycle.


Q: Do you have any OEM service?

A: If you purchase a certain quantity, we can also print your logo on the battery case.  


Q: What is your MOQ?

A: The minimum order quantity is measured according to the product you order.


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: The payment shall be communicated in advance, and the contract shall be drawn up according to the time limit stipulated in the contract.


Q: What is your product standardization?

A: First according to The Chinese standard, then according to the international export standard.


Q: How long will it take you to provide us with the design?

A: Depending on your design requirements, it depends on how difficult it is.


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